BellaNOR Buzz

Plus-size women can do bolds and prints by Elizabeth Wellington (March 2012)

With so many bright solids, bold prints, and slim silhouettes dominating spring fashion,
what’s a plus-size woman to do?

Wear it all and wear it well, says Chanea Davis, owner of the six-month-old Germantown Avenue clothing boutique BellaNOR.



Local businesswoman hopes to find niche in full-figure market by Grant Moser (December 2011)

“Some of my closest friends are full-figured, and I see what they go through to put an outfit together. They can’t just run to a store and pick up something. There aren’t a lot of stores that cater to them and their tastes. They want to be current, they want to be chic. I wanted to offer a space that does that,” explained Chanea Davis, 31.




Temple Grad Opens Full-Figured Boutique In Mt. Airy by Alexis Sachdev (December 2011)

Earlier this fall, Chanae Davis, a 2004 Temple University undergraduate and Master’s alumna opened BellaNOR, a boutique specifically catered to full-figured women.



New BellaNOR Boutique Brings Plus-Size Fashion to the Avenue by Zach Subar (October 2011)

It was only three months ago that Chanea Davis was despondent about her efforts to open up a boutique for plus-size women along Germantown Avenue.

Davis recalled being at a bar with her mother—she wasn’t drinking—and sobbing. She didn’t have a space for her planned store, and she was upset that her idea appeared to be far from becoming a reality.




Trend Alert: Scarves – The Ultimate Accessory

Now, if you’ve ever wondered what are some creative ways to wear a scarf, do I have a treat for you.  I stumbled upon this YouTube video that demonstrates 25 ways to wear a scarf. It offers step-by-step instructions for wrapping a scarf to achieve different looks. The best part: The clip is less than 5 minutes long!